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Just like a Trojan horse it has a catalogue of real and electrifying contents which will be unveiled giving its viewers an unbelievable experience… 

Mumbai (Maharashtra) India: This wonderful phrase…’the more, the merrier…’ ‘sounds quite true…. 

“Mask TV”, an arguably and distinctive new OTT platform  is set to ramp up with daring entertainment from this Friday, December 9, 2022. Just like a Trojan horse it has a catalogue of real and electrifying contents which will be unveiled giving its viewers an unbelievable experience. 

Confirming the same, Sanjay Bhatt, the Mentor of Mask TV said, “Yes, it is all coming together and will be available from December 9. As per the title, we also wanted to live up with it. So, as a team we bounced off with several ideas and zeroed down concepts which were real, bold and adventurous. Finally, we are ready to unmask many untold stories from every nook and corner of our country. This apart,  we will be the first one to have an unique title track for the platform – ‘Raaz tumhare…’ penned by my wife Anju Bhatt, who is also one of the promoters of Mask TV along with my son Chiranjeevi and daughter Mansie.”

Chiranjeevi Bhatt, the C.E.O. of Mask TV says, “After the pandemic ridden last couple of years, the Indian streaming market is growing in it’s second phase too. It is price-sensitve and at the same time have value conscious consumers. It is the kind of content that keeps the audience hooked. So,  there is a lot to learn for new players like us and recalibrate their offering on content and technology.”

Mansie Bhatt, the director of Mask TV adds,  “OTT platform is a place for anyone who wants to tell a good story, no matter where he or she comes from and at the same time also connect with wider audience all over the world. The viewers want content from our culture but keeping at par with the international standards. We at Mask TV are similarly moving towards stories that are different in textures, more rooted to our culture and shot in small towns.” 

The innovative themes undoubtedly make the journey special at Mask TV. Their original shows will empower, innovate and unlock an entirely new level of entertainment.

Seeking a well rounded approach, for her web originals “Project Angel”, Mansie Bhatt who has also conceived, scripted and directed the show shares,  “It is all about transgenders who has not had it easy and have been neglected by the society including their near and dear ones… The first season is a 6-episode series with duration of 35-minutes each. Unbelievably,  all the performers are transgenders and first timers facing the arc lights.  They are given a platform sharing their awe-inspiring journey  – eat,  play games and how gracefully they carry themselves  in a beauty contest, etc.  Once again, it will be the first of its kind in the lot. It is said, such kind of shows have been appreciated abroad like Germany, U.S.A., and many other countries.” 

Sanjay Bhatt further informs, “To begin with we have around 30 – 35 shows on our catalogue that promises a rollercoaster ride of entertainment, dramas, comedy and unexpected twists. It contains  originals like “Mission 70” which will be releasing on December 9 with the launch of our platform ‘Mask TV’. Closely to follow “Mussoorie House” on December 13; “Bhookh- Kahani Ek Jaanwar Ki” on December 15;  “Double Shades” on December 18 and last but not the least “Project Angels” on December 20 amongst many others. We also have all our old favourite shows made for Doordarshan in the 90s being re-aired on our OTT platform, including the new versions of  “Hunsgulle – Season 2”, “Manzilen – Season 3” and 26- episodes of  “Haal Kaisa Hai Janab Ka?”; while on the other hand investments in new content production will continue. We are an Indian based OTT platform following a hybrid business model and come in an easy package for the subscribers.”

Mask TV aims at providing its audience with unique and high-quality entertainers for people all over the globe. The platform comes with a user-friendly app that can be downloaded from Google Play, Apple and Jio. 




New OTT Platform MASK TV To Revolutionize And Captivate The World Of Entertainment From Dec 9

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