Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

Real talent is infinite, beyond time and space. What started as a creative passion for Shital Keshari, the woman with beauty, grace and amazing talent, soon turned out to be an intense affair only six months before. Today she has around 25 classy paintings to her credit and still doing more paintings, too. No, Shital’s  paintings are not for sale, but only for public viewing like her recent super-hit painting exhibition at the Nehru Centre, Worli.
Ironically, Shital’s 11-years old prodigious daughter Prakriti followed in her steps and has also started doing paintings which are stunningly beautiful. Both mother and daughter are encouraged to the hilt by Shital’s multifaceted senior bureaucrat husband Ajai Keshari who himself is a superb poet as well as an outstanding ghazal writer.
Shital Keshari who shifted  to paintings few years later after doing her fashion-designing course says, “I never wanted to be a painter since my childhood. I did my fashion designing course and could have easily become a stylist. But my destiny had written something else for me.”
So, how has been the journey so far?
“The eventful journey has been  fantastic. I work on variety of themes and not one in particular,” tells Shital  as a matter-of-fact.
Regarding her participation in the recent painting exhibition at Worli, Shital  says that since she had so many paintings she wanted to showcase them systematically. “And yes, the response to my paintings in Worli exhibition was overwhelming!,” says a grateful Shital.
In this fast-paced digital world, is there a lack of interest/enthusiasm among people for paintings?
“I don’t think so. Creativity is not forced. It’s natural. Look, how I started painting only this year, six months to be precise!,” replies Shital.
Ask her about the paintings scenario, Shital elaborates, “It’s good everywhere, in India and abroad. In India, I think, the passion for paintings is more apparent in Mumbai.”
About her daughter Prakriti who’s also into painting, Shital tells as a proud mother, “Prakriti is naturally talented. She’s very good in her studies also and doing wonderful paintings just going by her intuitions.”
“You can pursue your creative passion at any age. But do the best, no half-hearted effort. Honesty and dedication are a must, to put it mildly,” tells Shital a matter fact.
Points noted Shital. All the best for your painted road ahead!

———-Ramakant Munde Mumbai Representative


Painter Shital Keshari Paints A Beautiful World

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