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Bollywood films Trahimam and Ajay Wardhan released in Indian cinemas on 16 December. If we talk about the box office collection of both the films, then the collection of both the films has been around 1 crore.

Box Office Collection Of Trahimam

Day 1 16-December-2022 (Fri)          Rs.25 lakh

Day 2 17-December-2022 (Sat)         Rs.21 lakh

Day 3 18-December-2022 (Sun)        Rs.27 lakh

Day 4 19-December-2022 (Mon)       Rs.11 lakh

Day 5 20-December-2022 (Tue)        Rs.10 lakh

Day 6 21-December-2022 (Wed)       Rs.9 lakh

Day 7 22-December-2022 (Thu)        Rs.8 lakh


Box Office Collection Of Ajay Wardhan

Day 1  16-December-2022 (Fri)         Rs.15 lakh      

Day 2  17-December-2022 (Sat)       Rs.20 lakh

Day 3  18-December-2022 (Sun)      Rs.28 lakh      

Day 4  19-December-2022 (Mon)      Rs.12 lakh      

Day 5  20-December-2022 (Tue)       Rs.11 lakh      

Day 6  21-December-2022 (Wed)     Rs.10 lakh      

Day 7  22-December-2022 (Thu)       Rs.7 lakh


Film Trahimam And Ajay Wardhan Box Office Collection

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