AMARCINE PRODUCTION organised their second virtual Beauty Pageant IAWA MISS INDIA 2020 successfully after conducting IAWA MRS INDIA virtually. This pandemic  has made everyone  connect  each other via internet, Films getting direct releases, musical events also now as virtual concerts.

While most of the beauty pageants have got cancelled this year owing to the coronavirus pandemic. IAWA IAWA had put the entry process online to make it as easy as possible to reach more contestants through out the country. There was  no regional auditions, no travel. This was hugely successful where in IAWA INDIA received a record number of entries than last year.

There is lots of panic around due to Covid 19, but AMARCINE PRODUCTION made sure to  create awareness for Covid 19  through this Beauty Pageant, Contestants were trained not like a typical Beauty pageant instead, they were trained to become women’s champions and savvy career women  with 10 days online grooming in various sectors.

IAWA NGO (Innovative Artist Welfare Association), organization is  already working for women empowerment and their development since last 8 years in India and abroad. AMARCINE PRODUCTION took initiative to organise  world’s first online beauty pageant for Indian women namely IAWA MISS. India 2020 and IAWA Miss.  Quarantine Princess 2020.There were total 800 entries for the contests from each and every part of India. After passing through various challenges only 20 lucky girls got selected for finale. Finale was held online on 20th September 2020. It was a 10 days celebration where all these finalist worked towards number of social awareness campaign  when the whole world was moving towards stress, but IAWA INDIA engaged them on working for 10 different task on Covid 19, domestic violence, save girl child, breast and cervix cancer, fashion,  etc.

This competition was live broadcasted through social media.Each and every stage of this contest was live on International level. The event was judged by Mubarkka Lokhandwala a social activist and Actor Mikki Koomar & Venisha Gooriah Jugnarain from Mauritius a soft skill trainer.These contestant’s were trained by Dr Daljeet Kaur  continued with many guest lectures on motivational speaker, makeup expert, skin care etc. Winners were felicitated with a Diamond pendant by FOCE and other Gifts were sponsored by JOVEES, Stella hair care and immunity booster by Ayurvita

Joya Sapam from Manipur  stood WINNER of IAWA MISS INDIA 2020. 1st runner  is Susmita Sapam from Manipur and Niharika Honakeri from Dharwad.2nd runner Shilpa V from Chennai, 3rd runner up Meena Rai from Kalimpong. Shilpa V won the crown of Quarantine PRINCESS  with highest online votes from Chennai.


“आईवा मिस इंडिया २०२०, आईवा क्वारंटाइन प्रिंसेज २०२०”

अमरसिने प्रोडक्शन ने सफलतापूर्वक सेकंड  “आईवा मिस इंडिया २०२०, एवं , “आईवा मिसेज़ इंडिया २०२०”, इस कोरोना के भयंकर स्तिथि में, जिसमें फिल्में और अन्य तरह के प्रोग्राम, इंटरनेट के ज़रिए रिलीज़ हो रहे हैं, या चल रहे हैं।

इसी वक्त आईवा मिस इंडिया २०२०, की डॉक्टर दलजीत कौर ने, इंटरनेट के माध्यम से यह आयोजन सम्पन्न किया। पिछले वर्ष से ज़्यादा लोगों ने इस प्रतियोगिता में भाग लिया। कोविड १९ उर्फ कोरोना के बारे में, उन्हें अवगत करा के लोगों तक उनसे संदेश दिया। १० दिनों तक उन्हें ऑनलाइन पर विशेष ट्रेनिंग दी गई।

आईवा एन जी ओ (इनोवेटिव आर्टिस्ट वेलफेयर एसोसिएशन) महिला सशक्तिकरण एव उन्नति के लिए विगत आठ वर्षों से कार्यरत है पूरे देश विदेश में। अमरसिने प्रोडक्शन द्वारा वर्ल्ड का प्रथम ऑनलाइन ब्यूटी पीजेंट भारतीय महिलाओं के लिए किया गया, आईवा मिस इंडिया २०२० व आईवा मिस क्वारंटाइन प्रिंसेस २०२०। पूरे इंडिया से तकरीबन ८०० लोगो ने भाग लिया, जिनमे से २० भाग्यशाली लोग चुने गए। फिनाले २० सितंबर २०२० को सम्पन्न हुआ। १० दिनों तक चले इस उत्सव में फाइनलिस्ट प्रतियोगियों ने कई सोशल अवेयरनेस कार्यक्रम किये, जैसे कोविड १९, डोमेस्टिक वायलेंस, सेव गर्ल चाइल्ड, ब्रैस्ट व कार्विस कैंसर, फैशन इत्यादि।

सोशल मीडिया के जरिये यह प्रतियोगिता लाइव किया गया। इस के जज मुबारक्क लोखंडवाला सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता, एक्टर मिक्की कुमार एवं वेनिशा गूरिअह जुगनारें मॉरीशस रहे। इनकी ट्रेनिंग डॉ दलजीत कौर ने किया, कई विषयों पर गेस्ट लेक्चर हुए। विजेताओ को फोसे द्वारा डायमंड पेन्डेन्ट दिया गया, जोवीस, स्टेला हेयर केअर व आयुर्विटा की इममुनिटी बूस्टर के तोहफे दिए गए।

मणिपुर की जोया सपम आईवा मिस इंडिया २०२० की विजेता बनी, मणिपुर की ही सुस्मिता सपम एव धारवाड़ की निहारिका होनाकेरी फर्स्ट रनर रही, चेन्नई की शिल्पा वि सेकंड रनर और कालिम्पोंग की मीना राय थर्ड रनर रही।

चेन्नई की शिल्पा वि ने क्वारंटाइन प्रिंसेस का क्राउन हासिल किया, सबसे ज़्यादा ऑनलाइन वोट पा कर।

EaseMyTrip.com Presents India’s First Ever Film And Webseries TAISH Produced By Nishant Pitti And Rikant Pitti Of EaseMyTrip.com And Shivanshu Pandey

Co-founders of EaseMyTrip.com, Nishant Pitti, Rikant Pitti, along with Shivanshu Pandey, are all set to produce a revenge drama web series titled Taish directed by Bejoy Nambiar and stars actors Pulkit Samrat, Jim Sarbh, Harshvardhan Rane, Kriti Kharbanda and Sanjeeda Shaikh. It’s set to premeire on the 29th of October on Zee5 Premium.

Talking about Taish, and his eagerness to release the project, producer Shivanshu Pandey says, “Extremely euphoric and excited to announce that our film Taish is finally getting to see the light of the day and getting a platform like Zee5 which also caters to the target audience the film was made in the first place. The journey has been a gruelling one but I’m very delighted that the film has turned out to be as we had envisioned it!!”. While Nishant says, “Jovial to announce that we have finally reached the end of the journey that Taish has been and it will finally reach the audience it was made for. Excited to know how it is received by the audience and the critics alike!” Rikant Pitti too seems extremely happy about Taish and says, “From the plot to the direction and the cast, Taish will have the viewers at the edge of their seat throughout. I can’t wait to see how the audience will react to it.”

Taish will be launched in the form of both a six-episode web series, as well as a feature film. When asked about the idea behind launching Taish as both a web series, and film, Shivanshu says, “Initially this was going to be a thriller feature film, but as we went along the project, we decided to extend it and make it into a mini-series as the plot demanded. The film plays out like a neo-noir film and we didn’t want to compromise on story bit, so we ended up making it what it is: a crime-thriller mini-series.” Nishant on the other hand said adds, “What excites me most about web shows these days is that it gives the audiences the upper-hand and they can consume the content in their leisure, and also revisit them at their convenience.”

“Bejoy and his expertise and excellence with the craft. He is a perfectionist and has delivered his 100% to make the film what it is. His direction and story-telling craft has truly fleshed out the characters and story of the film, and think the audiences are in for a treat” said Shivanshu as he spoke about the director. “The dialogues and the plotline of the film are weaved perfectly. The characters are unique, goofy and interesting at the same time, and the plot-twists will make the audiences on their toes as to what will happen next.” added Nishant.

EaseMyTrip has always taken unique and interesting projects in the past and Taish is a unique film in itself too. The film also resonates with the energy of the company; thrilling, out-of-the-box thinking and not taking the easy path. “We plan on to do the same with our future endeavors.” says Shivanshu. “EaseMyTrip’s vision and the film’s adventurous landscapes go hand in hand. We have always strived to achieve perfection and will continue to do so in future too.” concludes Nishant.


After producing big banner hit films like Manikarnika, Batti Gul Meter Chalu, Fanney Khan, among others, Taish will be EaseMyTrip.com’s next big thing!  Looking back at the history of EaseMyTrip.com, their choices of films they associated with have all been a phenomenal! The audience are eagerly looking forward to their next, Taish.

Abdul Karim Sheikh’s The Android Phone is a social awakening for today’s generation

K.Q. FILMS and writer-producer-director Abdul Karim Sheikh a.k.a Karan  is all geared to soon launch his dream venture “The Android Phone”. The pre-production work for the film in all departments is in progress. Ashok Anchan is designing the project as its executive producer and also as its media and marketing head.

The film delves on the importance of sports for growing children of today’s generation. On the other hand it highlights the case of both the working parents who do not get quality time to spend for the upbringing of their child.

The young Abdul Karim Sheikh a.k.a Karan is a dynamic youngster churning out new ideas with a moral story. He wishes to be known as commended and compelling filmmaker.

Living up to the challenge, Abdul Karim Sheikh is all geared up to command attention with his edgy stories crafted with fascinating portraits. His maiden venture “The Android Phone”, has a strong storytelling that drives the film closer.

Many juries believed and have also voiced at various film festivals that the future of cinema does not rely on box office success at the ticket windows but in digital space.

“Watching films on various complex subjects that connects with one’s life are always interesting and encouraging. Technicals: resolutions, light, sensivitity, colour and dynamic range of storytelling is a film directors’ approach to managing creativity and stimulating on the celluloid,” says  Abdul Karim Sheikh.

Abdul Karim Sheikh has travelled through the rough paths. By associating himself with film trade journals, he liked to pen lyrics in his earlier age. As destiny would have it, he found himself saddled as the assistant with various directors from 2007 in various television serials like “Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki”, “Balika Badhu”, “Simply Sapne”, “Ye Tera Ghar Ye Mera Ghar”, “Janani”,  “Pyar Ka Bandhan” and so on. “I am lucky to have worked with all these veteran and talented directors,” adds Abdul Karim Sheikh.

Indywood Talent Hunt International 2020 ; The Biggest Talent Youth Festival to be conducted virtually this year for the first time

After the very successful edition in 2019,  Indywood Talent Hunt International 2020 will be conducted online this year due to the struggling scenario caused by the pandemic. Indywood Talent Hunt is organized with an outlook to identify young talents and guide them properly to choose their career at the campus/school level. It also provides an opportunity for the shortlisted ones to get exposed to the Film Industry via Indywood. It has always been a roaring success in all the conducted years. The 2019 edition witnessed around 2000 finalists with an overall reach of 2 million.

The International Cultural Fiesta is ready to gear up with the new standard online edition picking up the most recommended categories, including music, dance, art, acting, and social media. The music category is broadly divided into vocals and instruments, and the participants can choose their field of interest. The dance category is broadly divided into Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Folk and Western. Except for the Social Media category, which is open for UAE and India, all others are to be held exclusively for UAE.

Online voting & YouTube Streaming Round  will be held from Nov 1st to 10th. This will be the first round  on the basis of which finalists will be shortlisted for the grand finale to be held on November 27th and 28th via virtual platforms.

Registrations and submissions are open till September 31st. For interested artists to sign in, registrations are now open on the official websitewww.indywoodtalenthunt.com. To know more updates, please follow the ITH official social media pages : www.facebook.com/indywoodtalenthunt and  instagram id: @indywood_talenthunt_

Shree Saini At National Stage Of Miss World America

Miss World America recently announced its 2020 contestants list. The 2020 Miss World America pageant will see Indian American Shree Saini.

She is the chosen representative of Washington state. She is a survivor of heart surgery at age 12 for a pacemaker implant and she is a burns survivor. She is a global motivational speaker who has been invited to address audiences about her life experience and messages of resilience and kindness, in more than 8 countries and 30 states in the United States.

A graduate of University of Washington, Saini has been a visiting student at Harvard, Stanford and Yale Universities.  She has earned the “Best Pageant Titleholder” award and recognitions from the Secretary of State, Senate, Governor and the American Heart Association CEO.

Miss World has fundraised $1.3 billion for charities around the world. Shree takes to social media to share her love for service. Shree has volunteered with 1OOs of charitable foundations and been invited to speak around the world.

“Serving others and inspiring others is a responsibility for me. It is our duty that we shine with enthusiasm and serve others with Love. That is Beauty with a Purpose for me!”

Miss World’s BWAP vision was created by founder of Miss World Mrs. Julia Morley, whose husband Mr. Eric Morley started “Miss World” nearly 7O years ago.

In preparation for her title, she submitted over 14 competition materials, 6 video submissions, essay submissions, had a state live interview, and took part in countless workshops.

“My preparations began last year but the dream began at age 5. I am a big believer that we should SERVE without hesitation and #LOVE without limits. Daily we can serve others by speaking life into others and choosing endless Kindness with EVERYBODY and ALWAYS. We need to reach out and serve rather than wait,” noted Shree.

In an unfortunate incident, Indian American Shree Saini collapsed before Miss World America’s 2019 before final night of competition. Taking to her daughter’s Instagram, her mother informed that Shree will stay in the hospital for a “cardiac arrest watch”.

Shree Saini said, “Last year I could not even finish competing for Miss World America. Right after I proudly introduced myself on stage as “#ShreeSaini, WASHINGTON”, I came backstage to change into my evening gown when I collapsed and was rushed to the ER. I was heartbroken. It was a rare incident. My whole family was shaken. There are many incidents in our lives that we cannot control, but we can control our responses. With rock solid faith in God and His timing, I am traveling to my life’s journey once again.

“God has a plan for all of us and He wants us to serve our people and our world family. That’s why I love the Miss World America world and Miss World organizations because we are all about service,” said Shree.

This year’s event will be held in the form of a series of virtual web casts in combination with online submissions due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the pageant website, all contestants will participate in real-time preliminary competitions, receive camera time in front of a live audience and judges.

Preliminary competitions will include Beauty with a Purpose, Influencer Challenge, Talent Showcase, Head to Head Challenge, Entrepreneur Challenge, Top Model Challenge, and People’s Choice.  The crowning ceremony will be on October 24 with the winner of Miss World America 2020 being invited to Los Angeles for the event.


If Shree Saini wins, she will represent America at Miss World, same way as Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai, Manushi Chiller, represented India at Miss World.

Rakhi Wadhwani tables Cyberish a book on cybercrime

The global cybercrime industry is tremendously huge. Very few published studies have examined economic and institutional factors that influence strategies and behaviors of various factors associated with the cybercrime industry. Theorists are also debating as to the best way to comprehend the actions of cyber criminals and hackers and the symbiotic relationships they have with various players.

Rakhi R Wadhwani, an information security, privacy, risk and compliance consultant has authored a book on cybercrime. Titled as “Cyberish” and published by Shakespeare it has hit the stands and is available at all the online platform players like Amazon and others. A technology professional with 20 plus years of experience in creation and deployment of sustainable solutions for Information Technologies and Information Security from Design to Delivery; her skills and know-how encompass Information Risk Management & Assessments, Regulatory and IT Compliance, Security Controls, Compliance and Technical audits, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Management, Vulnerability Management and Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention, ISO certified Internal and External audits.

“Cyberish” is a handy book on cybercrime which unfolds topics of considerable interest both theoretically and practically. A major goal of the book is to explain various cyber crimes, the law associated with it along with punishment and strategies for crime prevention. This book also resolves and clarifies the doubts arising in the mind of the common man by simplifying its legal aspects.

Speaking about her book on cybercrime, “Cyberish”,  Rakhi R. Wadhwani says, “This book being theory with practical base and accessibility is useful  primarily in a wider scale to academic specialists, practitioners, professionals and policy makers who are interested in and concerned about the evolution of cybercrime industry. In other words this book is expected to be useful to all the members of the cyberworld and develop appropriate defense mechanisms against cyber attacks.”

To fully understand the development of cyber crime one must study the language and culture of the internet as well as the pathways that connect users from around the world. This book describes the types of crime generally committed via a computer and the internet. The author deems this knowledge essential to combat the recent surge in internet-related offences. This book begins with the history of cyber crime and relates these to how cybercrime threatens the security of internet users.

 “Cyberish” outlines various chapter titles like Cyber-pornography, Identity Theft, Hacking, Criminal Justice, Cyberspace, etc., and on the types and frequencies of various computer crimes currently being committed and the impact that these crimes will likely have in the near future; explaining them in non-technical, layman’s terms.


Information is a critical business asset, and businesses must ensure that it is accurate, appropriately safeguarded and available only to those authorized to use it. The author suggests that future efforts should be undertaken to safeguard information that is frequently stored on electronic media.  Overall, this book is designed for every individual who are looking for a quick introduction to the topic of computer crime. These programs help organizations comply with an ever-increasing number of national and international laws and regulations, encourage IT departments to communicate and work harmoniously with other business units, minimize risks to sensitive company and personal information, and make personnel aware of how to work more effectively while safeguarding information.

Rakhi is also an Associate Member of National Cyber Safety and Security Standards, Certified Information Security Consultant (CISC), Certified Professional Forensic Analyst (CPFA) and Certified Professional Hacker (CPHNxG) and also Associate Editor in Digital Forensics Publication.



In the times of systematic need here rises a ‘Good Samaritan’, who is a cut above the rest with open arms ready on his toes to help the downtrodden and needy with open arms.

He is Anand Nair, the hospitality consultant who looks into the 360 degree angle in all its aspects – be it designing the restaurant and resorts from the entrance to the kitchen with the help of architects specialized in their respective fields.

The ever-smiling, Anand Nair says, “I am more into branding and marketing of an establishment and to improve their business including financial health, resources, sales and marketing.”

Anand Nair also aims to work for various social causes and upliftment of the  downtrodden and weaker sections irrespective of caste, creed and their economic status. To fulfill this purpose successfully, Nair has joined the dynamic and upcoming Rashtriya Kisan Bahujan Party as a General Secretary. As a social worker of a political outfit, he has chosen to commit to a profession at a powerful time of change and challenge to the world.

Speaking about his additional new role Anand Nair says, “I wanted to do something for the society where I belonged to. I am easily approachable and understand individual needs and difficulties faced by the common man.  I joined Rashtriya Kisan Bhahujan Party from whose umbrella of support and guidance, I could selflessly lend my hand towards social causes. Shri Arun Nitureji, the all-India party President met me at a social function and invited me to be a part of the party. Thereafter Shri Anil Meshramji, Vice President of the party, who has a strong cadre base and in depth knowledge of running a party helped me with his inputs on working which helped me to take a plunge into the party activities.” Herewith I would like to add that I am highly indebted to both Nitureji and Meshramji for believing me and supporting me in this noble cause.”

Armed with a Commerce graduate degree from Marathwada University, Aurangabad, Nair had shifted his base to Mumbai working with various corporate and multinational companies like India Communication Network Ltd., Colgate Palmolive, Nelco, Sterling Resorts, Mahindra Holidays, Suman Motels, Ditwik Hotels and many others to name a few. Starting as a sales executive and moving up the career ladder to General Manager and further became a director of a private limited media company. In his three decades of journey and qualities he had the opportunity in raising a successful team pan India.

Anand Nair in his 52-year stay in Mumbai has the penchant for languages. He can speak fluent English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam and Tamil languages. He can also understand Telugu, Kannada and Bengali too.


Ganpat Of UP Is Ready To Enter Bollywood With Storm

बॉलीवुड में एंट्री करने को तैयार हैं यूपी के गणपत

ऐक्टिंग का कोर्स कर चुके गणपत ने थियेटर में अपनी प्रतिभा सिद्ध की है ।

बॉलीवुड में हीरो बनने का सपना देश मे लाखों लोगों का होता है। मगर मायानगरी सब पर मेहरबान नहीं होती, उत्तर प्रदेश के रहने वाले एक शख्स की कहानी भी पूरी फिल्मी प्रतीत होती है, वह हीरो बनना चाहते थे, उन्होंने इसके लिए स्ट्रगल भी किया पर सफलता नहीं मिली। लेकिन इसका मतलब यह कतई नहीं था कि वह निराश हो जाते और जब उनके बेटे भी यह ख्वाहिश जाहिर की कि वह फिल्मों मे एक्टर बनना चाहता है तो उसके पिता ने उसकी हौसला अफजाई की और कहा कि मै पूरी कोशिश करूंगा कि तुम फिल्मों मे  एक्टिंग करो। यह होता है एक बाप का जज्बा ।

इस युवा का नाम गणपत है जो उत्तर प्रदेश ग्राम बन्ना टुंडला, जिला फ़िरोज़ाबाद के रहने वाला है।

ऐसा भी नहीं है कि गणपत ने बिना किसी तैयारी के हीरो बनने का निर्णय लिया है बल्कि उन्होंने अभिनय को सीखा है, इसकी बारीकियों को समझा है। थियेटर किया है और खुद को अदाकारी के लिए तैयार किया है। अपने डिक्शन, बॉडी लैंग्वेज और अपने शरीर पर विशेष रूप से कार्य किया है ।

बॉलीवुड मूवीज़ के बचपन से दीवाने रहे गणपत अपने लुक को लेकर हमेशा से सजग रहे और उन्होंने अपनी काबलियत नाटकों में लंबे लंबे डायलॉग बोलकर सिद्ध की है ।


गणपत अब जल्द ही बॉलीवुड मूवी मे अभिनय करते नजर आएंगे उनमें कुछ कर गुजरने और कुछ करने की भूख है, सीने में इक आग है इक जुनून है और वो अपने लक्ष्य को हर हाल में हासिल करने का जज्बा रखते हैं ।

Ruchita Awasthi Top 15 Finalists Of Miss And Mrs India Universe 2020 Her Journey From Masters In Business Administration In HR And Finance To Pageant

All our dreams can come true…..
If we have the courage to pursue them….

Ruchita Awasthi Masters in Business Administration in HR and Finance from the city Kanpur (U.P) now living in Bhilai Chhattisgarh from the last two years is selected in top 15 finalists of Miss and Mrs. India Universe 2020.
They are four sisters from middle class conservative family. When parents wanted her to get married. She fought with everyone for the further studies and after completing MBA she started her career with an NGO (HelpAge India) and moved to Delhi. After 2 years of struggled she proved herself and settled as an HR Manager.
In 2009 she got married and now she is a mom of 7 years old boy.
As a responsible Mother She quit her career because she wanted to see her son’s growing stages.
She is also a sports person. She also plays table tennis and badminton…
She is a fitness freak and Gym addicted .She also achieved so many madles and certificates in sports and State level karate championship.
And now she is going to try her luck in a very different field. But according to her she always admire a lot Modeling and Acting.

She got a plateform with virus films and entertainment, organized by Mr.Yash Gupta to showcase her strength and talent.

Miss Masala Dosa Film Ms Mrinmai-Kolwalkar And Mannu Punjabi Will Be Seen In Very Different RoleA Film By Alok Shrivastava

मिस मसाला डोसा’ में दिखेंगे दबंग पुलिस वाले, मृण्मयी कोलवालकर और मनु पंजाबी निभाएंगे लीड रोल

मुम्बई. फ़िल्म ‘मिस मसाला डोसा’ की टीम ने कोरोना काल के दौरान मुंबई में अपने शूट का आखिरी शेड्यूल पूरा कर लिया है. फिल्म के निर्देशक आलोक श्रीवास्तव ने मुंबई में शिमला पुलिस स्टेशन के सेट को फिर से बनाया क्योंकि लॉकडाउन के चलते वे वास्तविक स्थान पर शूटिंग नहीं कर सकते थे.

इस फ़िल्म में अभिनेत्री मृण्मई कोलवलकर ने हिमाचल प्रदेश की एक महिला पुलिस की भूमिका निभाई है. वह फिल्म में अपनी भूमिका को लेकर बहुत खुश हैं. उनके चरित्र का नाम शालू कपूर है. जो अपने काम और परिवार के प्रति बहुत समर्पित और कर्तव्यबद्ध है.

मृण्मयी बताती हैं कि उन्हें इसके लिए एक सख्त फिटनेस शासन का पालन करना था. मेरी भूमिका को ध्यान में रखते हुए निर्देशक आलोक जी ने मुझे हिमाचल प्रदेश महिला साई के साथ बातचीत करने के लिए मिलवाया, ताकि मैं शारीरिक रूप से फिट होकर स्थानीय भाषा सीख सकूं.

हमारी पूरी टीम एचपी पुलिस का बहुत आभारी है कि उन्होंने हमें अपना समर्थन दिया. उन्होंने बताया कि दिग्गज अभिनेताओं के साथ काम करने में बड़ा मज़ा आया, उनके अनुभव से काफी कुछ सीखने को मिला जिससे अभिनय करने में सहजता हुई और वे दृश्य बेहतरीन बन पड़े हैं.

अनिल धवन जी ने मेरे पिता का किरदार निभाया है और उनके साथ बहुत ही भावुक दृश्य हैं. मेरा प्रशांत नारायणन के साथ एक बहुत ही गंभीर दृश्य है. वह एक शानदार अभिनेता हैं और उनके साथ काम करने में हमेशा खुशी होती है, वह मेरी पिछली फिल्म में मेरे सह-कलाकार थे इसलिए आराम का स्तर था शानदार.


मनु पंजाबी (बिग बॉस फेम) और ओजस रावल (लेडीज स्पेशल फेम) के साथ बहुत ही हल्के दिल के और मजेदार दृश्य हैं. इस फिल्म में हितेन तेजवानी, बिजेंद्र काला और शालीन कपूर जैसे कई और बड़े नाम हैं. मैं बहुत उत्साहित हूं. इस फिल्म में यह बहुत सारी ट्विस्ट एंड टर्न्स के साथ एक बेहतरीन कहानी है. आलोक सर ने बहुत अलग स्वाद की फिल्म बनाई है और मुझे यकीन है कि दर्शकों को यह पसंद आएगी.